A product strategy drives the team towards their mission

After gaining experience in both corporate and smaller startup product teams I thought I had developed my product chops. In just the first few weeks at Invoice2go I realised how there is always a tonne more to learn. I’ve decided to share some key lessons I’ve experienced in my first 6 months at the company in a few blog posts.

This, the first post, will talk through some of the key lessons I learned after taking part in the formation of our 2021 product strategy.

Invoice2go is a company that started as an invoicing application and is now a platform…

Photo by Ashim D’Silva

As I sit on the bus at Sydney Airport with 18 other travellers bound for a 14 day quarantine, a surly police officer slowly walks down the middle aisle. Having recently returned from America during a time of intense police scrutiny the sight of him instantly makes me uncomfortable. I twist and turn in my seat. Suddenly I see a smile emerge, “welcome home!” he pronounces. In that moment, the haze of the 37 hour journey from Austin was forgotten. I was finally home!

Writing this from the purgatory that is hotel quarantine in Sydney I am excited to restart…

All business

Unfortunately a lot of people have recently lost their jobs and are going through a period of change and difficulty. So after being officially unemployed for a week I thought I’d share a few self observations and adjustments I’ve made. I should preface this by stating that while many folks are going through an extremely hard time, I am extremely fortunate to not be in a precarious financial or health position. Basically, this is not meant to be a sympathy piece, feel free to judge the shit out of me but keep your damn pity.

So this all started in…

From Guatemala to the fields of Colorado

It’s hard to believe that just 6 months ago I was taking Spanish lessons in Guatemalan pueblos, while now my days are filled building products for RigUp in a new city, country and continent. RigUp is a customer focused startup determined to provide the energy industry with modern day software solutions. The opportunity to join RigUp represented a significant challenge for me. Firstly it meant an opportunity to move to a completely foreign industry, one ripe for technological disruption. It also was my first chance to work outside Australia (so please excuse my spelling). …

In this blog I provide an overview of my experiences learning Spanish in Guatemala in 2018. There is also a list of tips and links at the bottom for anyone thinking about studying Spanish in Guatemala.

My experience in Guatemala gets two thumbs up. The sunrise from the summit of Volcano Tajumulco the highest point in Central America.


Towns surrounded by erupting volcanoes, tuks tuks bustling down tiny streets, fresh food vendors on every corner and a warm culture where passersby greet you with a ‘buenas dias/tarde/noche’. This is a just a taste of what you can experience studying Spanish in Guatemala. I have just returned from 5 weeks of immersive Spanish study in Guate and for anyone wanting to learn Spanish…

Photo by Blake Wheeler

So the wheels are finally in motion. I have quit my cushy job and I am about to leave my family, friends and 2006 Corolla behind in order to seek a career change in the US of A (with a quick first stop to Central America to learn Spanish).

I have known for ages that I needed to live and work overseas. But in the last few months I have been contemplating what my real motivation is?

One thing that has always scared the shit out of me was envisaging my 50 year old self. I was still living in…

Gil Pollak

Product Manager — Traveler — Experimenter

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